We’re not just a team of highly trained creative and technical individuals, but we’re also a lovely group of people, each with our own unique perspectives and ideologies, but with one common passion – cinema. That’s why every video that we produce is a labour of love, and one that helps our clients speak to their customers.

Our consultation process allows us to strategise our clients objectives, and develop a unique concept that exceeds their expectations. After many years, we have delivered lots of successful projects, each varying in size and budget, but we’ve always maintained a strong focus to build long lasting relationships with people that we work with.

We do everything that we can to understand the culture and ethos of the brand that we’re representing, and cultivate a powerful message within a dynamic video that both adds value, and help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Using a talented team with diverse skillets is important in developing our clients’ projects, and strengthens our vision to become Cardiff’s leading video production company.


The Team

  • Jamie


    Jamie incorporated DAKONA Limited in 2016 and has quickly established a reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering quality videos for a diverse client base covering many sectors.

    Building strong partnerships with our clients is fundamental to the core values of DAKONA as we pride ourselves on maintaining long-lasting relationships. Taking the time to research and understand clients’ values allows us to implement a strong content strategy that aligns with and promotes their organisation’s vision, delivering a powerful message to their target market.

    Jamie is also a commercially licensed drone pilot.

  • James


    James is responsible for delivering a wide range of on-set support roles to ensure an efficient production – including camera support, lighting support, sound support, as well as managing certain logistical elements of each production such as budget control, quality management, equipment procurement and environmental planning services. Further to this, his responsibilities also include project research to provide DAKONA with a strong understanding of clients’ values for each project.

  • Tom


    With a diverse knowledge and understanding of the filmmaking process, Tom has experience within both the corporate and mainstream platforms of the industry. Specialising over the last three years in feature film production his skillsets range from conception on a project, including; pre-production planning, financing, narrative development, and conceptualisation through to post production, involving workflow development, editing, colour and sound post.

    Tom produced and directed ‘Close But No Cigar’ which was picked up for worldwide distribution from ITN. Working with companies such as Goldcrest Post, Bamsound, and Artemis Wolfgang, enabled him to gain a solid understanding of industry practices which could then be applied and tailored to a specific client’s needs.

  • Nick


    With almost 2 decades of animation experience, Nick specialises in making short films that help people to get their heads round complex things, from supernovas and psychology to pregnancy and werewolves.

    His animation work regularly appears on TED-Ed, The School of Life and other thought-provoking YouTube channels.